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Trey Grayson for Senate

Trey Grayson
Trey Grayson
"Now is a good time to be a Republican!"
"Now is a good time to be a Republican"
- Trey Grayson
    Vital Facts!
  • Sharp legal skills were demonstrated by Trey Grayson as a corporate lawyer for Keating Muething & Klekamp*
  • The bipartisanship of Trey Grayson was demonstrated when he proudly supported Bill Clinton as a Democrat delegate and member of the Democrat party.
  • Connection skills and strong family success were demonstrated when Trey Grayson attended Harvard University.
  • Collaboration skills with left-wing and globalist leaders were demonstrated when Trey Grayson joined the Aspen-Rodel Institute as a research fellow.**
  • The large and impressive array of Trey Grayson's corporate donors and special interest groups who fund his campaign will never have influence over his decisions.
  • 17 US state senators who proudly voted for the banker bailout of 2008 have sponsored a $500 per plate fundraiser for Trey Grayson.

    *While Trey Grayson worked at Keating, Tray Grayson was not involved in the Keating Five Scandal, in which firm founder Charles Keating donated money to five senators in return for the favor of calling off legal investigations. The favors were not effective as Keating received a five-year prison sentence for fraud.
    ** The Aspen Institute is a left-wing think-tank advocating "advancing [global] coordination on key issues" among other liberal initiatives.

        Special Thanks to the Top 5 Recent Donors!
1) Lawyers & Lobbyists $130,534
2) Party Contributions 98,571
3) Banking & Real Estate 65,968
4) Energy & Natural Resources 27,800
5) Other/Retired/Civil Servants 25,063

A great debt of gratitude is owed for these great donations because without continued support from fellow lawyers and lobbyists, Trey Grayson will lose the election! (Source)
Critical Issues!

The Economy
Trey Grayson's father, a wealthy banker, taught his son the value of a paper dollar at a very young age (about 4 cents to print each one). Trey Grayson will work hard for the bankers of Kentucky. And the money they make (literally) will trickle down to all the small businesses and peasants in the form of loans.

Health Care
Trey Grayson will fix the heck out of the health care industry. You just wait and see!

Liberty & The Constitution
Trey Grayson believes that terrorists are a new breed of enemy. The constitution might have to be put on the back burner for a while. Trey Grayson probably supports warrantless wire tapping and searches, detainments without trial, torture and so on. Trey Grayson won't demand that wars be constitutionally declared because that would take blame away from the President and it's easier to just replace the President every 4 years.

Trey Grayson knows the word "privacy" is not in the constitution. If you want privacy, it sounds like you might be a terrorist. Tray Grayson knows if you have nothing to hide why bother with all the warrants and complex legal stuff like that? As a corporate lawyer, let Tray Grayson decide what belongs in the constitution and which parts needs re-interpreting for the post-1984 modern age.

National Debt
America is at war, and that state of war gives Trey Grayson a blank checkbook to write whatever number of zeros needed to end it. There are many wars Trey Grayson needs to fight: the war on terrorism, the war on drugs, the war on poverty, and so on... only after the road to peace has been paved can we think about shrinking our national debt.

Trey Grayson will do whatever it takes to fight terrorism and rebuild Iraq, and the fact of the matter is we have to be willing to sink America even deeper into debt. Insolvency may be the new foundation for American security.


Trey Grayson's Opponent, Rand Paul
Trey Grayson's Opponent
Rand Paul

"With our national debt over 11 trillion dollars, the deficit spending by Washington DC continues to mortgage fruits of our future labor to fund federal programs we don’t need and cannot afford"
"The Federal Government must return to its constitutionally enumerated powers and restore our inalienable rights!" - Rand Paul

    Vital Facts!
  • Rand Paul founded the Kentucky Taxpayers Union nearly 15 years ago that helps to fight against unnecessary tax increases.
  • Rand Paul is an eye doctor & surgeon.
  • Rand Paul founded the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic, an organization that performs eye exams and surgery for less fortunate patients.
  • Rand Paul refuses to accept donations from any member of senate who voted for the banker bailout of 2008.

Critical Issues!

Health Care
As a doctor, Rand Paul understands exactly how government policies are causing health care prices to rise, so knows the market reforms needed to achieve lower costs in health care. As senator for Kentucky, Rand Paul would be the only Republican to promote an alternative health plan that promotes a free-market economy.

The HMO Act of 1973 essentially granted unfair privileges to certain sorts of companies and led to a distortion of the market. This has caused higher prices, less coverage, and more bureaucracy.

As senator for Kentucky, Rand Paul will work to make all medical expenses tax deductible, eliminate federal regulations that discourage small businesses from providing coverage, give doctors the freedom to collectively negotiate with insurance companies and drive down the cost of medical care, and allow every American to have a Health Savings Account (HSA) by removing the requirement that individuals obtain a specifically dictated insurance policy before opening an HSA.

Liberty & The Constitution
The US constitution makes it very clear that many US federal programs are in violation of the sovereignty of Kentucky. The US constitution demands Kentucky be given back full control its Social Security program, Medicare program, and education programs. In addition, invasive programs like the Real ID program and private medical information sharing need to be ended immediately.

As Kentucky senator, Rand Paul will work harder than anyone in the US senate to restore federally stolen sovereignty to the state of Kentucky and also do everything in his power to stop the United States from giving away our sovereignty to the United Nations, the IMF, and other foreign powers.

In addition, Rand Paul believes that sacrificing freedom for security is not only wrong but it gives the terrorists exactly what we're told they want - less freedom in America.

The Economy
Rand Paul is strongly for low taxes and a balanced budget. As senator for Kentucky, Rand Paul will promote legislation making it illegal for the US congress to pass an unbalanced budget. He would never vote for any unbalanced budget whether it is Republican or Democrat.

Rand Paul is strongly against big corporate bailouts and banker giveaways. They reward inefficient and corrupt management, explode the national debt, hurt smaller and more responsible private firms. Worst of all, bailouts hurt our economy instead of help it.

Like his father, Ron Paul, Rand was talking about the economic collapse well before it happened. Those like Rand who saw it coming all know the bailouts were a bad idea, but look what congress has done for the banks! The bankers are more wealthy than ever!

National Debt
Our disasterous national debt is the core reason why Rand Paul is running for Kentucky senate. It is morally wrong to reach into our children’s piggy bank to finance the government, and Rand Paul is someone who understands this.

Ultimately, debt is a form of slavery that destroys U.S. sovereignty, because the American economy now depends on the actions of foreign governments. While we brag about our role as world superpower in international affairs, we are in truth the world’s greatest debtor. Like all debtors, we are not truly free.

Balancing the budget and dramatically reducing spending across the board, before further interest on our debt bring down our nation, will be Rand Paul's top priorty as US senator for Kentucky.

Paid for by a fiend of Trey Grayson.
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