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Short Biography of Trey Grayson

Charles Merwin Grayson III (AKA Trey): He'll get things done 
1. Trey Grayson graduated from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. There Grayson learned that free markets and voluntary interactions can't solve our problems. The Kennedy School teaches that government has to regulate and tax a nation's way to prosperity.

2. Trey Grayson voted for Bill Clinton in 1992,  then realized the error of his ways and switched parties after the anti-Clinton backlash and GOP landslide of 1994. By this action GRayson proved that he can rise about party lines and petty ideology to get things done in Washington. Trey Grayson's opponents cannot prove if Grayson was actually a delegate for Clinton or not.

3. Just because Grayson's father is a wealthy banker and a long time donor to liberal Democrat candidates, doesn't mean Trey Grayson still a liberal Democrat. Trey Grayson is opposed to the fact that  Father Grayson's bank was also a recipient of TARP bailout money. This doesn't stop Grayson from being willing to work with and get donations from people who do support bailouts however. Rigid ideologies get in the way of getting things done.

4. Trey Grayson again proved his commitment to "getting things done" and ability to cross party lines when he teamed up with ultra liberal Democrat State Treasurer, and now Democrat State Chairman, Jonathan Miller to co-found Kentucky's "Cradle-to-College" commission. Cradle-to-College is an important investment in our children's future. By taxing people to set up college funds for newborns as birth, and then forcing them to perform community service when they get older, we can now say that Kentucky's already doing what Clinton and Obama's community service programs are working to implement nationally.

5. Trey Grayson has the honor of being affiliated with the George Soros/Rockefeller funded, pro-Globalist, Aspen Institute. Grayson completed an Aspen-Rodel fellowship program. Aspen was founded as the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies. Aspen recruits young ambitious politicians with bipartisan leanings, and then grooms them for higher office, and Grayson is very thankful for their help.) Aspen's CEO is the Walter Isaacson (former CEO of CNN and managing editor of TIME). The afore mentioned Kentucky Democrat Chairman Miller was a classmate of Trey Grayson's.  By being a member of the Aspen, Grayson has proven again that he can work with anybody even radicals that Aspen welcomes like the self admitted communist Van Jones.

6. Grayson believes that global warming is a real crises facing our country -and the world. That's why he gave a keynote speech on the subject at Eastern Kentucky University.

All this shows just how worthy Charles Merwin (Trey) Grayson III is of being anointed by the DC Establishment. Please spread the word. This is why Republicans should vote for Grayson. This and the fact that Trey's a 5th Generation Kentuckian.

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